The commissioned content

“It’s all about rip & mix”
(our motto for the project – inspiration from Prof Ulf-Daniel Ehlers)

The first aim of the Interactive Learning Resources for Skills project was to create high-quality, relevant, open e-learning content for learners in the Skills sector. Our research with the sector taught us that practitioners wanted to be able to share content with colleagues and learners both inside and outside their own organisations. To ensure we reach as many
learners as possible, we asked that all commissioned content meet the following criteria:

  • Creative Commons licences. We encouraged the use of CC-BY as it is the least restrictive of the CC licences. CC enables re-use, re-purposing and sharing of content, even across vocational subjects. It also means that content creators must make sure they have the rights to use all material they incorporate in their work.  
  • Discoverability. We wanted the content to be easy to locate on the open web. This means clear, concise descriptions and consistent metadata.
  • Accessibility. The content must be accessed on a range of devices and platforms, to accommodate the learners’ own needs and preferences. We also required that no additional software be required to access the content (so if a proprietary package is used, the content must also be available in HTML5).
  • Technical. We asked for interactive elements to be SCORM compliant. We asked for a quality end product, and for the technology to enhance the learning – rather than using the technology for its own sake).
  • Curriculum mapping and addressing specific learners.  The content creators needed to have specific learner scenarios in mind. We created a set of learner personas, for inspiration. 

We have 22 sets of content, 163 items in all. There is a huge variety of styles and subject matter. The commissioned organisations met the challenge in different ways and came up with resources to engage learners and inspire creativity in content creators. The links to all the content are in the right-hand column of every page of this site.

Throughout the project we talked about enabling users to extract smaller elements from the content and incorporate these into their teaching and learning. We called this “rip & mix” and the commissioned organisations have provided examples of how their content can be used in this way for cross-cutting employability themes such as Maths and English, Health & Safety and so on.  Read all about “rip & mix” here.

We want the project to have a wider benefit than simply those who were commissioned by the project and so have made all the documentation we developed available for content creators in the Skills sector. The section RESOURCES FOR CONTENT CREATORS contains a wealth of material to support the process of creating open online learning content.