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Level 2 Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools


Direct link: login: jisc password jiscacc0unt. Go to My Courses – Jisc project.

Via Jorum for download and upload to VLE:

Commissioned content: Set of six interactive SCORM packages with HTML5 support, describing aspects of the school system and incorporating the teaching of IT skills.

Project contact: Dan Devlin

Project summary: We have chosen to create interactive learning resources for the ‘Schools as Organisations’ unit from the Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. Students will see a set of SCORM packages that will walk them through the knowledge elements of this unit, along with interactive activities to check learning and understanding. Learners will benefit through the inclusion of useful links to sites such as schools and the Department of Education as these will allow students to undertake research and develop their IT skills further. This area of provision is growing and we hope that by making resources more accessible through this project we will be able to offer employers clear guidance as to what their employees will be undertaking. This, in turn, we hope will increase recruitment to these programmes and demonstrate that undertaking work based learning in this area is possible with minimal time away from the workplace.


2 thoughts on “Somerset College

  1. Kelly Giordano

    Can’t wait to see this! Unit 10 Schools as Organisations is a really dry and difficult subject to teach, this will make life so much easier whilst also embedding digital literacy. Yeah!

    Kelly Giordano
    Accrington and Rossendale College

    1. Dan Devlin

      Hi Kelly,

      They are all online now – please let me know what you think on Monday at teh project meeting. We had some good feedback from our learners so really looking forward to what you think as well. We’ve uploaded teh raw scorms as well so you can change and amend as required if you need them differently. Thanks, Dan.


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