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Mixing construction materials


Direct link to content: http://www.oldham.ac.uk/bricklaying/story.html – no login or password needed.

Via Jorum for download and upload to VLE: http://find.jorum.ac.uk/?q=ilrforskills+AND+oldham&q-submit=Search

Commissioned content: Short video clips providing real-life examples linked to interactive formative assessments. Content coverage will include health & safety, identification of correct materials and equipment; mixing materials; disposal of waste.

Project contacts: Roger Clegg, Julie Wilkinson

Project summary: An interactive eLearning resource which will cover the learning outcomes relating to the “Mix Construction Materials” Level One Diploma in Bricklaying qualification.  The learning resource will cover all the underpinning knowledge and have in-built assessments to allow learners to track and record their own progress. Specifically developed with work-based apprentices in mind the eLearning package will have the potential to be available in the workplace, the home or at the College or training provider.  This aim is to encourage independent learning and move away from learners learning via passive content. Short bite-sized video clips will provide real-life examples and bring the content to life whilst being linked to interactive formative assessments.  Step-by-step guides on how to complete practical tasks with quizzes and practice tests to check that learning has taken place.  In addition the resource will include text, images and voice-overs to meet the differentiated needs of the audience.


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