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Problem-based learning for business


Direct link: http://uhi-edu.co.uk/hbp/HBPshowcase2/index.html (temporary link)

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Commissioned content: Problem-solving activities for Business & Administration apprentices, based on real-life scenarios from workplaces.

Project contact: Angela Appleby

Project summary: This project will develop a suite of approximately 40 interactive, problem based, digital learning resources for Business Administration Levels 2 and 3. The resources will feature activities and assignments which have been specifically contextualised to a variety of work-based settings where the qualifications are most commonly delivered. The resources will be optimized for mobile delivery and will be based on a pedagogical model around problem based learning. For this project, the model involves the student being presented with opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge of theoretical concepts and legislative requirements through application in familiar real-world scenarios. The resource will encourage the development of employability skills, including problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. This will also encourage the development of high order independent learning skills including reflection and enquiry. The resources will be accompanied by tutor guides that will give guidance as to how the resources can be embedded in a variety of ways, including self-directed or class-based situations.


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