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Direct link: http://cloud.aylesbury.ac.uk/jiscbrick/story.html – takes you straight to the content on the open web (no login or password needed).

Link: You Work It Out Video Trailer

Via Jorum for download and upload to VLE: http://find.jorum.ac.uk/?q=ilrforskills+AND+Aylesbury&q-submit=Search

Commissioned content: Four e-learning modules to enable Brickwork students to see the importance of Mathematics within their everyday work: pricing the job; managing the job; problems solving; closing the deal.

Project contacts: Pamela Forchione, Kevin Parker

Project Experiences from Aylesbury College Learning Technology Team
This was an exciting and challenging project for the team which required working to tight timescales. We were fortunate to have experienced members who could cover all the major roles such as maths and bricklaying subject matter expertise, elearning development, video production, graphics design and project management.

Our main video star was Carl Ellis, a bricklayer lecturer at Aylesbury College who also had acting experience as an extra on East Enders! Jisc were very helpful and provided a personal mentor and technical support throughout. The elearning package needed careful planning as over 200 slides and 40 videos would be produced. We were conscious that the learners would need to be entertained so we included interactions on nearly every slide. To achieve this within the tight timescale, we created several complex master slides which were reused and combined with video. Another concept we included whenever possible was gamification. This included time limits to complete tasks, scenario branching with consequences and a final quiz game to win gold bricks.

After trialling the package with bricklayer apprentices we were pleased to receive overall positive responses as well as areas for improvement which we incorporated.

Project summary: Occasionally we witness some negativity by students who cannot see the importance of studying English and Maths alongside their vocational subject. Bricklaying is also an area of increasing growth. We plan to develop 4 e-learning modules to help enable brickwork students see the importance of maths in their everyday work. This is scenario based e-learning modules taking the student through a brickwork job or project. Example activities include pricing up a job, measuring areas, working out number of bricks needed, how much cement, invoicing, calculating tax and VAT. The learning is mapped to the NVQ level 2 in Brick and elements of GCSE Maths.


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